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Cafe Dictionary


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Student Cafe Dictionary And Thesaurus
(Deluxe Edition)



Aboski High Water Trousers; Usually above the ankle.
Aduro: Asylum Seeker

Alele: Prostitute
Alomo: Girlfriend.
Alorsman : A destitute/Poor unemployed man
Anti-so: Anti Social person
Antipe: Put on a dress up without underwear
Apalahala: Midget
Apo: Information
Ashawo: Prostitute; another term is Two-Two

Aso: Gambling
Asokpo: Ugly Woman
Assemblyman: Political suit
Awam: Fake.
Azaaman: Dubious person


Babylon: England
Balls: Kenkey

Battle Commander: Bulky Mobile/Cell phone
Big-man: 1. Rich and well connected man 2.Man in position of authority.
Blow: (verb) to pass an exam; excel
Bobby-Stand: Vibrant Breast
Boho: To Make Somebody Kneel Down

Bomb: (verb) Fail an exam miserably
Bone-to-Bone: Two men dancing.
Bone Shaker: School Wooden Truck
Bottom Power: Undue favoritism towards a female lover
Bubra: Draft beer
Buga: (soccer) hard tackle, usually illegal
Bushman: Illiterate, uncivilized person.



Capa: Stamina

Chacha: Gambling
Chalay: Friend
Chao: plenty
Chas'kele: Ghanaian cricket. Played with a stick and battered empty milk can.
Choose: Leave, Escape
Chisel: A cheat
Chrife: Born again Christian.
Coco: (noun) Cornmeal porridge; (verb) Easy
Colo Old fashioned.
Comot: 1 Come out 2 Get away! E.g. comot for here jo! 3 Excuse me e.g. comot road make I pass.



Dedross: Getting into a dates pants
Doe: Money

Dogon: An un-intelligent person/Fool
Dont Touch Me: Cheap soap
Dope-fine: Good

Dost: Rich Person


Efuom: A villager; one not conversant with trends


Face-the-wall: Konkonte; Lapiwa

Fag: Cigarette

Fatoo: Flour Soup served in the dining hall

Feeli Feeli: Crystal Clear; live

Feme: Fermented mashed kenkey

Foes (AKA Broni Waawu). Second hand clothing.

Filla Latest news.



Galamsay: Illegal gold mining.

Gas: Flour Soup served in the dining hall

Gnashing: Without a girlfriend

Guarantee: Shoes with high Soles

Gutter-to-Gutter: Street soccer; open gutters used as goalposts.

Gyinabu: Daytime robbery from a trusted fellow.



Hala: A destitute/Poor person

HomeChow: Food prepared at home

Hotman: someone under (intense) pressure

Homo: Freshman; New student at a boarding school



I Swear God: Shoes with the tips pointing upwards(as in facing God)

Ironboy: up and coming youth who feels to be at the top of the world.
2) Feeling too big in your shoes.


: see Troski

John: Naive person

Johnny Walker: Walk; to go on foot due to lack of money.

Jot: Cigarette; Short girl

Joss: To give a wedgy; held in such a way as to have your underpants wedge in the crack of your buttocks


Kaakaamotobi: Masquerader

Kak-Dee: Walk; to go on foot due to lack of money.

Kankama: Backbiting, or discrediting somebody because of envy / jealousy; Betrayer(?)

Katawanigye: When a woman has sex with a man she does not admire

Kaya: Porter

Ke Ba Shoo: an alcoholic beverage produced locally

Koti: Police

Kowtow: Nothing.

Kuashie: Kneel Down


Looku-Me: Person with a squint in the eye

Lungulungu: Hidden, scary place



Mine: To learn till daybreak

Morrow: Tomorrow

Mow: To Study/Learn

Mugu Yaro: Haircut
Mungo-Park: To wear shoes without socks


Nonfa: Saying Senseless things

Nonsylla: Learning stuffs hat is not part of the syllabus

Number 9: pertaining to the volta region


Ogogoro: see Akpeteshie

Opia: Short Person

Oxford: Buggy trousers with high flap and curved pockets



Palms: PalmWine

Pasco: Past Exams Papers

Pikin: Baby

Popo: To Smoke India Hemp

Pimpiniis: Fashionable pants/trousers worn high above the waist





Rawlings-chain: Severe protruding collarbone due to extreme hunger

Red Red: Gari With Beans and Fried plantain.

Remote Control: Juju; Black magic

Rokpokpo: Soaking Just Gari and Sugar



Sabi: To know.

Sakora: Totally shaved head; Baldheaded

Samai: To Chatter a Cab to your destination without paying the Fare

Shito: Spices/hot pepper

Skin Pain: 1 Malice. 2 Player hater.

Soldier Carbo: Soaking Gari with Cocoa Powder or Milo

Sopi: left over food

Sopiboys: Boys who rummage plates for left over food
Sound: A Slap

Split: Leave, Escape, Go.

Stroph: To study/Learn

Supi: Lesbianism(?)

Swa: To Catch a Thief

Swine: Despicable/Obnoxious person


Tampi: see Wee

Tatale: Flat Chested Woman

Troski: A crowded, but efficient and inexpensive, minibus used for short distance travel

Tojo: Toilet

Toli: Anecdote; Originally, a bold-faced lie. Now used also to mean a rumor or a humorous version of a real event.

Too Known : A braggart

Tok: An un-intelligent person/Fool

Touch: Crazy, Mad.

Tunabu:Tight bottom or pointy Trousers.



Vamuse: go away, run



Wab: Mercedes Benz

Wabenzy: Mercedes Benz

Walk-alone: Without a girlfriend

Watonkyeni: A locally designed bus

Wee: Indian hemp/Marijuana

World War II: Re-sitting an exam.

Womando: Acts and omissions usually done by women if they want to be pampered.


Yankee: USA



Zombi Soldier

Zongo: A settlement community primarily of Muslim and or northern inhabitants